Croydon Health Services NHS Trust is part of the National Health Service (NHS) and was formed in July 2010 with the integration of Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust with Croydon Community Health Services. Croydon Health Services provides integrated NHS services to care for people at home, in schools, and health clinics across the borough as well as at Croydon University Hospital and Purley War Memorial Hospital. CUH provides more than 100 specialist services and is home to the borough’s only Emergency Department and 24/7 maternity services, including a labour ward, midwifery-led birth centre and the Crocus home birthing team. Purley War Memorial Hospital (PWMH) in the south of the borough offers outpatient care, including diagnostic services, physiotherapy and ophthalmology services run by Moorfields Eye Hospital, alongside an onsite GP surgery.
Our experienced district nursing teams, Allied Health Professionals and community matrons look after for people of all ages across Croydon and our Children’s Hospital at Home cares for children with long-term conditions without them having to come to hospital. Our emergency care doctors and nurses have also teamed up with local GPs to run a seamless network of urgent care services across the borough, including booked appointments with a GP available seven days a week.


Croydon a nice place to live

Croydon is a bustling area and offers a great selection of shops, restaurants, transport links, and leisure facilities.. You can enjoy a jog in the local parks, like Wandle Park and Duppas Hill Park.

Travel in Croydon

Croydon is a town known for its market and great places to eat. From amazing artisan foods to artsy attractions, Croydon is the perfect place to explore.

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